In news coverage, Uncategorized on July 16, 2016 at 8:44 am

Too much comfort. Too much horror. Shock, as when a cold front crashes into hot moist air.Coping strategies.

Headlines in France and in the States – an aborted (or ongoing) coup in Turkey, the aftermaths of the murderous rampage in Nice. Then: England. At the bottom of the roll-down menu, I could click on to a video in which the new Prime Minister says scripted words of support for France in its hour of need.  But no. Brexit and the new Cabinet notwithstanding, I’ll leave Britons to their own media obsessions for now.

A strange mood prevails. For one, meaningful drawings to express compassion tend to pale at the fourth, fifteenth or thirtieth unspeakable tragedy and folks struggle to find some kind of balance between conflicting needs and emotions. A whereto now sort of mood. Business, fun and gossip as usual? Grief and solemn No pasaran pronouncements?

“the urge… to normalize the abnormal by turning to emotions and attitudes that are familiar” –  Adam Gopnick in The New Yorker of July 14th – writing about Trump, but pretty universal in its application.



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