Don’t leave home without one (or two)

In Absurdlandia, Circus, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage, proto drafts on June 23, 2016 at 8:49 am

I don’t know what the man expected. After all, this was the year-end program of the kiddie classes at a local circus, not a dress rehearsal at Cirque du Soleil. He sat in the bleachers as solemn as a pope receiving his instructions from God. Applauded once as an acknowledgement to local custom, and left with his son (scolding the boy all the while) as soon as his bit of the performance was over. The mother sat next to me. She stayed on and allowed herself some applause and some admiring comments after hubby took off. From previous encounters, I understand he once held a lofty position of some kind in the world of media. Why this means he can’t applaud at a school performance, I don’t know. Bucking the tide, maybe.


Ah, CNN: “Some of the Dems had pillows and blankets”. The rogues. I say why not? Better than a kalash or a flame-thrower if you’re planning a sit-in on the issue of gun control. I might have brought along an inflatable mattress, myself, or even a rubber ducky or two to go quack-quack at opportune moments.


Meanwhile in fun-loving France, the great minds who’d forbidden today’s demonstration by the unions recanted after their suggestion of a stationary demonstration earned them the ridicule they so deserved. (Stand at attention? No milling allowed? March in and out at your leader’s signal?)

As for the merry-go-round circuit now authorized for the gathering, I hope all demonstrators step smartly or they’ll get tangled in their banners. Will they be fenced in on all sides like fearsome saber-toothed lions in a cage? Will the barbarians break free? Will blood flow through the streets? etc.

Of note: even the most right-wing of the right-wing police unions protested against the ban on the demonstration. Because they enjoy lobbing tear gas? Maybe some of them do, but that wasn’t the reason for their protest. Demonstrating is a sacred right, they wrote in their press release. Oops. Hm. Oh, responded the Elected Ones, the cops say we shouldn’t ban marching to slogans…uh…

With ridicule at such high concentrations, I wish everyone would laugh. Nothing else. Just laugh. See a minister strolling by with hand extended for the photo op? Don’t scowl. Don’t scream. Don’t rant. Laugh. If you have a rubber ducky or two handy, a few quack-quacks won’t hurt.


Do we lose Britain today? Does the dis-united kingdom break off into the Atlantic? Sail up beyond Norway or head down toward fairer climes?

The suspense.




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