Of Ears and Walls

In notes on June 7, 2016 at 8:16 am

Comes a point, of course, when the notion crops up with more insistence. In simple terms: why bother keeping a blog alive? If your goal isn’t a frenzy of Likes or fan mail filled with adoring (or hateful) comments, why store words online when paper notebooks are cheap and plentiful?

An excellent question to which I have no ready answer. Force of habit comes into play, for one. The gesture of reaching out beyond your own tight circle. The notion that someone, somewhere may find value in your words the way you find value in other people’s comments, opinions, words of all kinds.

Refusing to shut up and slink off. Refusing to let others decide what you may do or say. With all due respect for the Social Contract – at least, those parts of it that aren’t total denial of reality.

Useful meeting last night, no matter how much I hate meetings. Nothing resolved and we may simply be closer to the solid wall as far as the exercise of rights is concerned. As the lawyer wrote in her email yesterday: the current political and social climate don’t allow her much respite. She’s right, the anti-stranger/alien/migrant mood pervades the air. Even the finest words such as solidarity get the same treatment a devalued currency would receive as payment for a purchase.

Living, writing: complicated, both.


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