As we do not go marching

In as you see fit, dreams, Hautvoir, proto drafts, Sundays on June 5, 2016 at 7:10 am

Three years ago in Toulouse, a bunch of ultra right-wingers beat up and killed a young man who was part of an anti-fascist movement. Yesterday, several hundred marchers marched in Paris to slogans such as “We don’t forget”, “All cops are bastards”, “Everybody hates the police”, “No fascists in our quarters, no quarter for fascists”, etc. There followed some predictable exchanges with the police. How any of this was supposed to serve the cause for which the young man died three years ago, I fail to appreciate.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in a flooded section of Paris, several hundred migrants in leaky tents had their water supply cut off. A local team of activists did their best to keep the men, women and children fed, if not dry, to the resounding indifference of everyone, save the ones battling exhaustion, anger and discouragement – their own and that of the folks drenched to the skin.


Sunday morning. From winter-like, the weather turned to full summer here yesterday. On the market place below where I live, the temperature registered at 37° C. Cloudy sky this morning, two of the market stalls were up and the chicken man was setting up business when the dog and I came back from the morning stroll.


Writing away from the previous piece of fiction. Maybe I’ll get the synopsis done on the previous; maybe not. Finding my way into the world of published writers may turn out to be a pipe dream, since I’m not willing to invest much energy in solving that part of the equation. Pipe dreams are important, if they get you to do what matters most. From what I see of human interactions, my published writing would either go down to the remaindering pile or get a few people excited over stuff in my writing that made no sense to them. etc. Instead of writing, I’d spend my time angsting over what people say or don’t say about something I wrote.  I put that pipe dream aside next to the pipe dream of the one and only love that’s supposed to keep you soaring. I don’t discount the power of either one. Often and for long stretches, you have to learn to do without both except as longings. Longings are important too. Lots of energy bottled into them. You need that energy on some of the slower days. Plus “longing” has a finer sound to it than “pipe dream”.





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