Experience Overload

In Absurdlandia, Hautvoir, Local projects, notes, proto drafts, Synopsis on June 2, 2016 at 8:44 am

It was past eight pm when he rang my doorbell, and dripped in with the rain. He knew my phone was out but he also knew I’d have found some way to contact him, had there been any news. He knew I had no fresh news to give him. He knew the others had told him to leave me alone already. He knew he knew he knew. He just had to unreel the usual can’t sleep anymore, everyone’s good to me, I eat, I have a place to stay, I know you can’t do more, I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate

All I could do was listen, repeat that things take time, offer to find someone else who will listen, repeat I can’t take him in for more than two or three nights – but what difference will that make? He knows he knows he knows, he just wants to know when his life will start flowing again. I can’t tell him and no one else can either.


A quip from the now-deceased French humorist Pierre Dac: Better it should rain today than on a fine-weather day.

Better indeed.


As for clearing paper off my desk. Full pause to take in the current state of the avalanche in freeze frame. Gives meaning to the title of this post. And reminds me of that old joke about how many Jewish grandmothers are needed to change a lightbulb? Twenty. One to report the lightbulb’s finished. Nineteen to say: This too shall pass.

But no. Seriously. Some things do get better while others get worse. My right hand up to…hm. I swear. Of course, a lot keeps on getting worse too and even Kafka would have to crack a smile at how much worse things can get while we change the wallpaper or decide painted toenails will make a valuable statement for Change.


Am I getting anywhere with the Synopsis? Yes. The rate of progress: about the same as that achieved while walking up the down escalator. I feel something like all twenty Jewish grandmothers wrapped into one. Jewish Grandmother One: “The phone’s out.” Chorus of Nineteen Jewish Grandmothers: “This too shall pass.”

onward. forward.kadima.davaï.


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