In Synopsis on May 29, 2016 at 10:53 pm

Sometimes, so much gets crowded into a brief period of living, you’re not sure on which of the mental snapshots to concentrate. Writing a synopsis is a lot like such a piece of ‘real-life’.

A funny moment: about twenty lines away from the words The End in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, Major Danby says to Yossarian : “It must be nice to be in Sweden now…The girls are so sweet. And the people are so advanced.”

As it happened, the seaside cottage the group had rented for the weekend was full of “noir”-type novels, ranging from Ludlum to…a sweet Swedish girl by the name of Camilla Läckberg, represented by a novel titled The Ice Princess. Which I read in French translation – all five hundred and nine pages (although a lot of the reading was more of the skimming kind. I’m not about to knock the writing of someone who has sold fifteen million copies of her detective stories.  But…what can I say? The overall effect felt like reading  instead of watching a made-for-tv movie. Well done? Yes, of course; but that’s not the point.)

What’s the point, then? What I have written. Pulling away from it enough to write something meaningful about it.


Why so challenging? There’s a self-consciousness effect involved. The writer attempting to explain, and introduce the characters, like a hostess at a party: Mabel, I don’t think you’ve met Victor yet. Victor, this is Mabel, you know Victoria’s sister who sells seashells at the seashore? etc.

Somehow, something like attempting to grab a shot of a seagull at lift-off. Oops, gone. Leaving so soon?



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