Since then

In notes on May 27, 2016 at 8:00 am

Where are they now? How have their lives changed since then?

Since then. Several come to mind. Since the year industries shut down, big owners moved out with their money, little owners floundered and lost everything and workers went on the dole. This, as applies to the town in which I live, these days.

Since last seen in person. One such, once witty and funny in her unguarded writing, now advertises sessions in which to Express the Goddess Within and celebrate “feminine” qualities. Her list: compassion, tenderness, sensitivity, creativity, intuition, delicacy. Hm. For Women Only? (Dear participants: please check all “masculine” traits at the door. Such as?)

Further back: people never met in person and only encountered as avatars (in the contemporary meaning of the word): blogger such-and-such, and other blogger so-and-so. Some, no more than a passing blip on the screen, others as meaningful as any other significant encounter through reading.

This computer, back to usual operating speed. The phone: working again.*

*But, I discover, for incoming calls only. I guess I’m denied full privileges because the dog’s illness put my bank account under distress when the automatic payment was due on the phone service. Ergo: punish the faulty spendthrift. Stands to reason. Artificial intelligence is singularly devoid of “feminine” qualities.


You write for your friends – real or imaginary. Sometimes, neither the real nor the imaginary friends write back. Or like, or pay attention, or “get” your meaning. Same as in everyday life. Silence is also a response. Stay alert.


Ever since making it aboard a leaky dinghy and on to the Italian shore, he’s wanted to go back for a look at the sea. The sea, as seen from these shores. The sea, as the setting of pleasant times. The beach as a place for strolls during which to sort out your head. Tomorrow and Sunday, six people will head down to the Mediterranean. He will be one of them. A lot has happened to him, since then.

A lot goes on happening. Stay alert.

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