Listening for the sounds of English

In Animals, coffee, En français dans le texte, Hautvoir, Revision on May 5, 2016 at 7:40 am

Blessed moment when :

the sun’s up, the phone’s disactivated and it’s too early for anyone to come knocking at my door.

Several minutes go by. This is all I have to say?

Yes, for right now. I’m savoring the quiet. And the coffee. And the knowledge this is a day off. The dog is functional again and, barring further unforeseeables, I’ll make it through the month, money-wise.

Add the sight and sound of mourning doves feeding on the flowers of black locust trees et voilà for my trove of personal contentment this morning.


Revision: proceeds at a creeping pace. The competing sounds of French and English inside my head. I need some quiet time today to keep the inner French resident occupied while the English-speaking one gets on with her occupations.

Allez? Allez.


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