On to the next thing, whatever it may be

In Animals, Artists, Break - coffee, Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision, Theater on May 2, 2016 at 9:31 am

Of course, the finished inflated balloons are spectacular, and the performances by Plasticiens Volants delight crowds world-wide. As usual though, my fascination with backstage remains. How things get done – whether a sit-down dinner for seventy (or more – final count not in yet; we had sixty reservations, plus…well, folks who show up), or any other venture.

The making of – process, in other words. For instance, take a giant hand that will float high above a crowd. First, the company’s sculptor makes a clay model. Coated with a white polymer, photographed, it gets run through a 3-D visualization. Then, another computer function provides the flattened layout of the cutting and sewing pattern required. I can’t manage sewing a straight hem so my admiration goes to the Plasticiens’ seamstresses who sit in small pits with meters of fabric stretching out around them.

(We pause here to take a groaning dog outside).


The groaning dog subsides.


Somewhat dazed, I am. Lots to do. A bit less would suit me fine. Revision? Yes, that too.


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