With a hey, ho, no wind, no rain

In Absurdlandia, Animals, Circus, Current reading, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Sanford Meisner on April 29, 2016 at 8:16 am

The dog’s tumors: benign. Removal will have to wait for a fresh inflow of funds. As for the rest of her problems, the vet puts my money on his diagnosis of leptospirosis. More than two hundred euro in the hole, who am I to argue – even if my superficial reading on the subject mentions blood coagulation problems that aren’t at issue in her case.

Whatever. Pills, injections, tight control on food and water. This last, easy enough inside but the walks are a minefield, featuring dead rats (possible source of said lepto), dead pigeons (avian flu alarm over the region), not to mention a charming habit some people have of leaving poisoned bait around because they don’t like cats and dogs anymore than they like rats and pigeons.

Voilà on the canine health report. I’ll get her back in shape – and my budget back on keel – and deal with the surgery + vaccination program.


The mood turns. The moods shift. Given my straightened means, glad to find Sinclair Lewis’ Main Street on Gutenberg. Reading by small increments because every sentence is so dead-on and his Main Street so universal, as far as the underlying features are concerned.

On the stopovers in the drive back from Alsace: in someone’s home, both adults and children were glued to their phone or plugged into their music. In the rest stops: tank up the car, empty the bladder, then tank up the body on coffee and pastries – eyes glued to the phone. (Except for the busloads of Japanese tourists, intent on buying everything in sight, including regional artifacts -possibly made in China, I didn’t check.)


Story: mood shifts, there too. Everybody off on their own planet. Where some of the characters meet up again – unpredictable, at best.


Yesterday, a kind person wanted to lead me through a guided visualization in which I was to load up all my hurts and disappointments aboard the basket of a hot air balloon, and set the thing adrift. Where would all that crap land, I asked. Far, far away, she answered. Sorry, far, far away isn’t good enough, not even in a guided visualization. There’s enough crap floating around already, I’ll go add some more?

Living truthfully in imaginary circumstances has some drawbacks. We agreed to put off the guided visualization until I came up with a recycling plan for the hurts and disappointments.


Given my rent/food/sundries budget for May is shot anyway, I bought chervil, basil and thyme at yesterday’s market and set them to thrive and prosper on the kitchen windowsill.


And now for another day.


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