Mellow, for the time being

In Animals, coffee, Drafts, Hautvoir, humeurs, Local projects, Music, Revision, Theater on April 26, 2016 at 8:15 am

In my mind’s eye, I still have the vision of the afternoon light through the clouds in the Cévennes – like huge spotlights picking out exquisite details in the patchwork of fields.

As for the dramatic report of my dog’s despondency over my absence: sure, Cybèle was glad to see me. Of equal interest to her: the fresh trail from a cat in her keeper’s neighborhood. Proving, yet again, how humans project their own emotions on other life forms. (I’m glad to see my dog too – as background, I much prefer her snores to my upstairs neighbor’s musical selections.)

Inching back into regular activities, aided by the school holiday which allows for a slackened pace. Plus the temporary loss of the charger for my phone. Those who want to contact me must email or knock on my door.

The draft: about half-way through deletions and re-phrasing. Eliminating as many passive tense constructions as I can (unless the passive tense happens to be a character’s usual avoidance mechanism.)

As for the kvetchy, whiny/sullen mood in the media: a tiny bit goes a long way. Over lunch with a friend yesterday, we marveled at how persistent humans are over their right to miserable attachment to things that don’t work –  unworkable relationships topping the list.

New shoes this afternoon. The other option: painting my toes black so no one notices them poking through the fabric. I could wiggle them to my heart’s content. Hm. Or paint little faces on them and make voices for them à la Señor Wences. ( Señor Wences had a head in a box  called Pedro. Señor Wences  would check out the Pedro’s impressions by opening the box. “S’all right?” – “S’all right, shut the door,” Pedro would answer.)

Voilà. The title summarizes this post. I expect a speed-up in the pace of aggravations soon enough to satisfy my need for variety. Meanwhile: more coffee, more revision et vogue la galère.


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