From somewhere in someone else’s living space

In Food, Wine on April 22, 2016 at 9:31 am

no matter. The bed for one-finger pecking at the laptop. Chaging a bit of sentence in the draft. Recording impressions of the spaces and the people in them. Observing, for the most part, eyes and ears wide open. So many ways to be in the world – most of which I’ll never experience  from the inside  (in many instances, the view from outside is more than enough to fuel the imagination).

In Colmar yesterday, the visit to the Unterlinden Museum, as a matter of course. But also street scenes and watching other people eat on a sidewalk terrace.  Facial expressions, forays into the plate – this one with stabbing gestures with the knife, as if the breaded schnitzel might make a dash for the sidewalk and escape down the canal. This other with face bent down to centimeters above the plate and seeming to sniff at the food before opting for this morsel or that. I keep on observing and realize the man is blind.

Food, drink, hospitality extended or denied. The connection is quicker this morning but there’s lots of other people’s lives and stories to record over here.


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