Sense, scents, cents

In Animals, Drafts, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects on April 19, 2016 at 8:48 am

Cybèle started expectant whimpering when the car turned up the road leading to the lake – a spot she hasn’t visited in over four years.  The woman’s house? Unknown to her. The woman? Not seen in over three years.

As soon as I let her out of the car, she trotted off to the correct townhouse at the end of the row, wagging her tail behind her. Go figure. A friendly human, a huge back yard, a dog buddy…and two cats practicing the art of making themselves scarce. My dog has an obsessional need to wait in ambush for the fun of chasing a panicked cat up a tree. I’ll call on a regular basis to make sure no harm ensues due to a miscalculation by either species.

A word to my immediate neighbors so they don’t call the cops over my absence and the sight of a stranger in my home. Pack up for a leisurely drive up to Roanne for a sleep-over. On to Mulhouse tomorrow morning.

Didn’t take the time to read the article in TNYT – a scientist suggesting that the brain structure of bees would allow for some form of awareness and/or consciousness. Nice when science provides elements of proof to the obvious. Of way more interest at this end: wondering how that awareness shapes the world. You’re a bee. There’s a field of rapeseed giving off a delicate scent of baked cookies. Or a patch of borage in full bloom. Your senses say: Here Be Bliss in bee-land.

Waking to a house without a dog (and fresh batches of dog hair): odd. Not starting the day with a walk with a canine through fresh garbage  temptations, and broken bottles? You want the truth or not? A large backyard would be bliss.

Pack up the old kit bag, including the draft? Allez.

(Ah yes, the cents in the title: gift from friends to make up for my lost hours at work. Gratitude – doesn’t always look like something from Coutts-Hallmark.)


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