Drop by drop

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I awoke at one am because of odd and painful behavior in my right leg. A toe rebellion, initiating high up in the spinal column, making a serious stop-over at the konked knee and culminating in a frozen spasm of the foot. The incident lasted close to an hour. A once-only event, I hope – the body clearing out remnants from last Sunday’s stumble. The recurring image while the episode lasted: that of a horse with a lame foot with ripples moving down his back. Nerve endings, trying to clear the signals for a better connection.


Story: word by word. Interruptions: a fact of life. Lawyers and Toulouse Higher Court for most of this day. No idea what to expect for the young men, decision-wise. I’ll bring along  reading and writing materials; camera too, of course.

Story: word after word. Out of nowhere, an ancient Greek word crops up in my head, in its French incarnation: clepsydre. A water clock. Noted here for further research. Prep for the day takes precedence for now. Of course, I’ll have to click A post to keep afloat in categories applicable to this post.



The decision will come down on April  29th. Three of the boys were handed back the originals of their papers. Authentic  papers, all three, including one with photo and fingerprint. Even in this case, the prosecutor argues no one can prove the bearer of the papers is indeed the person facing the judge. As for the fourth, since no one can prove his papers are authentic, the prosecutor and the court decide the papers are false. Besides, he was thrown out on the street before his eighteenth birthday. He is now eighteen, therefore the court rules it has no grounds on which to decide anything in his case. In other words: limbo that may or may not lead to an expulsion order.

Voilà how the wheels of justice grind down evidence until it is but a mote in someone’s eye. Their lawyer will attend tomorrow’s Citizen Meeting. et vogue la galère. 

Patience, patience and more patience.


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