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I’ll have to turn the constraint into an advantage somehow. Like me, the character doesn’t know much about hackers and hacking, let alone about basics such as the languages used by programmers. Although he knows things aren’t that simple, his basic attitude toward electronic devices is: On is On, Off is Off. I’ve left him walking by riverside for a few days now (although in fictional terms, he has to cover approximately six kilometers and he’s covered about one-third of the distance.)

What does a man walking by riverside need to know about electronics, you ask, as well you might. Nothing, save for the fact electronics have a lot to do with why he’s there in the first place. That’s A. B: he knows folks way more savvy than he with deep links to hacking. There has to be a C and a D in there somewhere. If there isn’t, I’ll never square the circle on this particular ride out into story land.


After reading the short heading to an article in TNYT, I was curious to find out the equivalency in meters to one hundred and sixty square feet (it’s forty-eight point seven meters). Curious because this is the average size of what Americans are calling small housing – a concept gaining ground with some folks tired of the notion Bigger is Better. My living space is a bit larger but not much. A lot of Europeans live in about that size of dwelling, although, for story purposes I have something smaller in mind.

(Yes, I know, these yammerings might prove annoying to a casual reader landing on this post with no idea what’s going on in the draft. But these morning posts are about clarifying my head, first and foremost.)


Somewhat easier on my feet this morning. The nose: scabbing nicely (for healing purposes, I ride the eyeglasses low on the bridge). The toe: I suspect it will serve as a bad weather signal from now on. Not putting too much weight on it yet.


Most pleasant sound heard yesterday (and still resonating on my inner eardrum): the delighted gurgle over the phone from one whose papers (and identity) had been attacked in Court, and now proven as true as true can get. Vindication – here’s hoping this Friday’s court decision will carry through accordingly. (Thanks to a friend, he also got to speak to his mother who hadn’t heard from him since he’d left home. She thought he’d been lost at sea, like so many others before him.)


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