In Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects on April 6, 2016 at 8:12 am

Relaxing, they are not. For one, they don’t apply Rules of Debate i.e. one speaker and one topic at a time. There are four people in the room? At least three of them will want to make a point –  related to the discussion, at least in the speaker’s opinion.

Case in point: a sculptor showing off some of his work while a cook describes some menu options. Said sculptor may well decide to draw two lungs on his work table and explain exactly what procedure the surgeon will perform to relieve his chest from approximately one quarter of the left one, along with its attendant tumor.

If the ears and brain can accommodate three outside verbal streams – plus inner one –  at once, the meeting switches back to comments from the puppeteer, or consideration of which smoked fish to serve as a first course.

This after a previous meeting during which the Minister of Justice’s comments concerning the ministries inability to pay its bills took on familiar faces, names and catastrophic life events  left unresolved. Why? Because “the system” i.e. the lowly street level workers can’t get timely responses to emergencies, and must juggle worst-case scenarios (and find time for a private life, here and there?)

I bowed out of the 8 pm meeting, except for answering phone queries on specific points.

Meanwhile, my notebook from said meetings becomes more colorful by the day. Notes from the 2 pm meeting start with a glued-on injunction : Lâcher-prise (letting go). The words, printed on a pink, single-serving packet of sugar under the Daddy label? Irresistible. Even more so, given the topics under discussion. Letting go… of what exactly?


Yesterday, a work colleague informed me of her decision to move on and away from this town. She showed up again in dreamtime, sobbing her eyes out because she’d been “shoved upstairs” i.e. promoted director of the local collège. The day-time me can’t make sense of this dream image, nor of its persistence into the waking hours. Whether it can serve some purpose in the writing remains to be seen.


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