Dismay, display, say, may, stay, play, day, hurray

In Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage on April 1, 2016 at 7:53 am

Here’s the part I find difficult (perhaps one of the characters can make use of this, perhaps not but I need to clear the head – the main purpose of the morning exercise): let’s say I mention to a local person that I’m experiencing some fatigue in dealing with problems encountered by people in the in-between land. The place where Court decisions haven’t landed yet, or evictions are imminent. Only in the most exceptional cases will the person react with an offer to help. The most common reaction resembles that of smokers or binge eaters encouraging someone to come back to the brotherhood. You tried to quit smoking? You tried a sensible diet? Aw, forget it, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. Have a cig. A third helping.

In other words: instead of offering to help, most people offer their heartfelt sympathy and suggest I should give up because there’s just too many of them, you know? Let’s have a good bitching session against the Powers that be, and move on to life as it should play.

I have nothing against life as it should play. I don’t understand why more people don’t pull some of the load instead of watching others exhaust themselves, that’s all. There’s something… I’m back at the word dismay again. As if somewhere, somehow, a lot of folks were pleased to discover the so-called leaders were sub-par because the mediocre leaders serve as an alibi. An excuse for abdicating all personal responsibility – hey, with the leaders we have, what can we do? (except play, hurray, hurray).

I have nothing against play. Quite the contrary. There’s just so much playing that could get done other than holding up a selfie stick or getting tear gassed and beaten with truncheons.

So. The word dismay. Etymology of : from Vulgar Latin *exmagare says the Online Etymology Dictionary. Exmagare meaning to “divest of power or ability”. Some antonyms for dismay? Assurance, beauty, calm, composure, confidence, delight, joy. In the midst of everything else? Seems like the only option.

A bit of exuberance, even? How about the weeds moving up to my doorstep? (They don’t call themselves weeds – in fact, I doubt they call themselves anything whatsoever. They just seize the day).


Allez? Allez.


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