In Absurdlandia, Drafts, Food, Hautvoir, news coverage, or juice, TV on March 31, 2016 at 8:17 am

The world is confusing for an adult. How does the confusion play in a young person’s head?

Be honest. Be polite. Do your homework (and don’t forget to include a stick of glue in your bag or you’ll get another black mark on your record.) Lie low. Don’t ask too many questions. Don’t attract attention in any way. Who? they’ll ask. Never heard of him/her. Thus will you be safe.

Because the adults don’t want any back talk. They do not want any discussion. If you attempt an organized protest, adults will greet you with big sticks and guns. They’ll have the last word because they told you to stay home and stay out of trouble.

Some of the violence makes media footage. The media love violence. Onscreen, the impact doesn’t last; the feed needs fresh outrage. Followed by fresh nonsense to refresh the palate. On to the next horror – a self-perpetuating cycle. Meanwhile, the adults repeat: be quiet, do your homework, stay out of trouble, don’t use that word etc.

Brief News Bulletin: According to what appears to be a credible source, the government has ordered a record number of plastic bullets to deal with protests of every variety imaginable. Stay home. If you can’t stand violence, don’t look at the vids (they went out and demonstrated, they asked for it, didn’t they?) etc.

What about the ones who didn’t ask for it? What about the ones who paid with their lives for the crimes committed by others? The adult sighs. Please, the adult says, I’ve had a hard day. Could we have some peace and quiet for a change?

A twelve year-old yesterday, describing her favorite place: bed. Where she loves to retreat with her pizza or chicken or fries or juice or pastries. She climbs under the comforter and watches TV. Then, she daydreams about the fabulous life she’ll have when she grows up. Meanwhile, her mother cooks the foods her husband likes from his native land. The parents eat. Move over to the living room and watch their own TV.

Be quiet. Stuff your face. Dream of winning the super-lottery. (Don’t forget your glue stick when you go to school.)


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