Boot straps

In Absurdlandia, Circus, Drafts, Food, Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage, Sanford Meisner, Visual artists, Wine on March 25, 2016 at 8:31 am

I know for a fact that thinking too much isn’t a good idea (thought/idea: no getting away from it, is there).

At any rate, the person wants a script for a seven-minute long puppet show. I’ve never written such a thing. That’s A. B: even less have I ever written a script for a puppet show to be presented to a non-hearing public and mimed in sign language for their benefit.

C: the theme (and subsequent action) must demonstrate the power of stick-with-it-ness in surmounting life’s many and unpredictable obstacles.

My own life playing in a thoroughly absurdist mode these days, I’m finding both the concept and its realization challenging.


The sculptor raised the hem on his pants so I could see the piece of leather he was describing. This was done so I could find its cut-out representation in the bull he’s soldered out of die-cut remains of  metal used to manufacture patterns for shoe-making. He’s also made another bull out of chicken wire – barbed wire being tougher to work with. The man’s parents entered France from Salazar’s Portugal with faked passports, so you see what kind of low-life I hang out with.

The day was cold but sunny. We ate out in the yard of a disaffected tannery now occupied by street and sundry other artists – whether famous or obscure, all of them are struggling. Everything is hard to come by, including agreement on a plan – any plan. On some days, nothing else but stubborn will keeps you going. On some days, you curse the stubbornness. Seeing as it’s stubbornness, you can curse it all you like. If it’s pulling uphill, it’ll keep on. If it’s lying low, it won’t budge.

Boot straps. You know, the ones in the saying. The frayed or new ones with which you’re supposed to pull yourself up. Forget them. They’re incidental. You’re an outsider? The misunderstandings will never go away? Your finest dreams will never rise up in a triple, shimmering rainbow? Relax, you’ve got plenty of company.

And just so you don’t forget what a crazy species you belong to: seems there’s someone working on a brand new device that should be out this fall. According to this person, what the world really needs right now is a two-shot pistol that folds up to look like a smartphone. (Read in the sidebar feature of the online TNYT).

Given which I say: I’ll take pasta and wine next to a chicken wire bull, and accept the fact opinionated, argumentative types drive me nuts – possibly because I’m as opinionated and argumentative as they are.

Does this make the writing of seven-minute script for a puppet show more appealing? Not one bit.


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