A Wednesday among many others

In Absurdlandia, Circus, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage, Sanford Meisner on March 23, 2016 at 9:57 am

A commentary and a parody – the two items I found most meaningful in yesterday’s media landslide. The commentary by a professional journalist with one eye on the paper he had to do and the other on the stream from the wire services – the jumble of breaking news, gruesome shots of mangled bodies, wild rumors, confirmed bits later denied etc. The mix of revulsion and fascination at the core of the coverage – for the writer and the readers, both. “Hypocrite lecteur, mon semblable, mon frère,” as Baudelaire put it.

The parody on the satiric website Le Gorafi told the sad tale of an illustrator who’d gone to a party the night before, and slept in with a hangover. By the time he woke up and took in the latest news, it was too late! Too late to draw the iconic logo/slogan that would capture everyone’s imagination and lead to big-big deals with big-big bucks. A bummer. He’d missed the train with the Paris massacres too. And so on.

Not funny? Offensive? Personally, I find the real gore much more offensive than attempts to keep your wits about you in nasty times. Call it dark humor. Methinks it comes in handy, often.

As for the rush by political figures to use the latest terrorist attack as justification for unjustifiable decisions, the less said the better. Sputtering indignation never solved anything. We’re stuck with the leaders we have, and the leaders we have seem stuck in self-justification. Still. The Minister of the Interior choosing  the heat of the moment to “reveal” ISIS (known as Daesh over here) has a cache of thousands of stolen passports? Surely, good people, this justifies sending into detention thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children fleeing war and misery. And feeding the siege mentality. Fear – what a wonderful way to… never mind.

So much for the news.


As a rule, I like to leave off writing with the start of another scene, be it only a word or two. Not always possible, unfortunately, if words don’t show up on schedule. With nothing to build on, the writing session starts off something like cold calling to offer great deals for reversible home heating/cooling devices.

Plus, I’ve promised someone a scenario for a seven-minute puppet show.

And so, to work.


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