But first, another coffee

In Absurdlandia, Animals, Artists, coffee, Current reading, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, news coverage, proto drafts on March 16, 2016 at 8:23 am

Let’s dig straight in without so much as a glance at headlines. The wildest of my wildest fantasies at the moment? Waking with no thought to other people’s unsolvable problems. No; not unsolvable, exactly, but damn complicated and time-consuming.

Or: waking to the knowledge someone else will take over for a while so I can pretend all’s well with my world and daydream about growing plants and flowers in the spoonfuls of dirt outside my door. (World domination was never my thing.)

I’ll have to settle for wading through the paperwork on my desk as a first step toward…toward results on some front or other. Who knows? Perhaps a glorious surprise lurks somewhere, cleverly disguised as yet another unsolvable or just a plain boring tedious annoying frustrating bit of bureaucratic crap.

Holding up his part of the universe, the Infant Jesus of Prague beams down from the small red shelf on my right. Aided by the elephant bodied and fish headed Carfante blowing bubbles in   Professor Revillod’s bestiary of little known life forms. On the battered tin of Bêtises de Cambrai, the old lady with the ruffled cap forever reaches for her mouth with a candy taken from the tin in her left hand. Order thus prevails in a 20 x 10 cm segment of the universe.

So: saying I’ll do what I can always strikes me as a cop-out. Doing what I can often means: I’m leaving some wiggle room to come back and say I’m sorry, I did everything I could (while doing nothing of the kind). Tempting? Oh yes.

However (sigh) : The best case scenario involves pauses for music and/or glimpses at seed catalogues; some clearing of the underbrush on my desk; some phone calls, emails and doorstep conversations; some writing; and so on.

As a wise and beautiful woman said to me the other day: “You’ll wait a long time if you wait for the problems to disappear before enjoying the day.”

Which sounds evident (and easy too) until you put yourself to knitting together the good, the bad, the funny, the soul shattering and the just plain fun – not to mention touches of soaring happiness (at least a drop, here and there).

p.s. the Current Reading category on this blogpost, in honor of the seed catalogue.


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