Not simple

In Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage, proto drafts, Sundays on March 13, 2016 at 9:36 am

Complicated, in fact. For instance, two doctors can agree on a diagnosis and recommend different treatment options. Meanwhile, the patient may accept the diagnosis and disagree with the therapeutic choices.

He may disagree but… in pratical, no-nonsense terms, what can he do? Choose what he considers the lesser of two evils? Refuse both therapies and take his chances with Mother Nature (whom, as we know, has singular ideas on what’s the next thing she wishes to explore.)

The Mother Nature comparison brings me back to a moral dilemma in my first year of grade school. There we were, six year old girls, clueless about the vast world out there. Our teacher was an old nun (make that very old and none too savvy in pedagogy). This was the year nineteen fifty-two according to our calendar. American troops – The Good – were fighting The Bad in Korea. According to the very old nun in a Canadian grade school, the good Americans were fighting with God on their side. The Bad Koreans were led by the hammer and sickle bunch in the Soviet Union.

By a stupendous flea’s leap into raving insanity, the woman told us that, whenever we fidgeted in class, a good American died and a bad Korean struck another victory for the Russian Ogre.

In the somewhat dazed condition of a six year old’s understanding of world politics, this raised two humongous questions: 1) how the devil (so to speak) could God side with the good yet let the bad guys win? 2) if God was such a strange being as all that, why wasn’t someone telling little Russian six year olds to stop their fidgeting in class? Or were they fidgeting on purpose?

This led to inconclusive attempts at mind contact with faraway Russian six year olds as the small Canadian six year old attempted to do her share for World Peace, wide eyed and sleepless in her bed.

(The moral dilemma didn’t subside completely but abated somewhat when a young lay teacher took over the class in mid-year and we heard no more about the Big World Out There other than as peopled by many, many little Chinese children in need of our quarters for the purpose of Baptism in the true faith.)



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