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In Artists, Hautvoir, Local projects, proto drafts, Visual artists on March 10, 2016 at 8:09 am

The advantage to handling several near-unsolvable problems at once: when you tire of looking for solutions to one of them, you can switch over to another. I guess the same applies to writing fiction with multiple points of view. The major advantage of the fictional over the real: nobody dies for real. Nobody suffers for real (except for the writer, at times, but that can always be put down to hysteria).

Unsolvable, meaning what? Meaning no satisfactory solutions are at hand. The only available ones are: a)more of the same or b) worse.

Maybe this is why I enjoyed the hour between two and three pm yesterday. The boy and I sat side by side. He drew geometrical figures. I drew the same in the copy book I’ll give him at the end of the year. He instructed me in color schemes he wanted. He talked about his trip to the mountains – such options are still available here for  some low-income families. One full hour of pleasantness – granted, there was nothing spectacular about it; headlines need not apply. Except, I’ve noticed, when things go spectacularly wrong (wars, draughts, famines, the plagues of Egypt, etc) people do most of the reminiscing about the quiet, pleasant times. C’est comme ça.

So, before taking on this day, a stroll through some of the fabulous imagery assembled by one Stephen Ellcock on his Facebook page.

On to the good, the bad, the ordinary; the boring, the inspiring, the annoying, the funny, the witty, the really stupid, the… etc etc.


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