As early morning moves on toward the day, the usual chorus appears on the Eastern hill

In A post to keep afloat, Absurdlandia, Animals, Artists, Circus, coffee, Fun, Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage, proto drafts, Tea on March 9, 2016 at 8:38 am

You figure you can’t take one more negative. Maybe a day comes when that’s true. The spirit crumples and it’s game over, whether the body slogs on a bit longer or not.

You figure this latest put-down is too much to bear. This latest desperate attempt to find a solution to someone else’s problems – the last straw because, really, championing someone else is just a projection isn’t it? You push, pull, prod, beg for someone else because doing so for yourself is not done. Period, full stop.

So who the hell are you if you can’t even make things better for somebody else? And so on, as you take out the dog for the morning walk on crumbling pavement and toward the less-than Elysean bits of greenery over there. Over there, see? Just over th…oops, watch your step, that garbage looks alive.

The field of desperate endeavors is pretty cluttered around here right now, both in what I call local projects and in fiction. I really should give up. Call it quits. Stare into empty space and just; let; go.

Let go to where? What an excellent question.

A friend came over yesterday. This was after I heard from another friend whose life ain’t much fun these days. The friend who came for tea isn’t having much fun either. In fact, fun is at a premium around here. If you can’t manufacture your own, you can scratch fun off your grocery list and settle for kvetching or bubbly, bouncy “hey hi, hey great!”.

So, once again: the rise (or fall) from the glum shores of early morning in search of whatever works. No matter how unlikely? No,  in real life I draw the line at self-parody, as exemplified by a local someone last night. But maybe some fictional characters show less restraint in that regard.



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