Brief intro to the day

In A post to keep afloat, Local projects on March 4, 2016 at 7:57 am

Useless? As in: foregone conclusion?

No. Even if the negative conclusion is the most likely, we’re bound to learn something at this morning’s meeting in Albi. If only in terms of how minds work. These are not gentle times.

Hopefully, the bus will show up. My phone’s charged up. Some papers to select out of the pile. Whatever happens in fiction, will happen later.

The talk at the meeting will center on three families. Many others in a similar legal no man’s land.

Voilà for now.


Talk is one thing; results, another.

Exchanged an impossibility (before next Tuesday, finding an employer willing to sign on someone for a ten-month contract) for an improbability (in the same time frame, finding an employer willing to sign on someone for a six-month contract, and if it’s five months instead of six, send us the paperwork for perusal).

Two positives of the meeting:1) the man in charge is a former CRS (the French riot control force); therefore, both sides at the meeting could talk facts without beautifying figures of speech. 2) The person responsible for overseeing the actual paperwork was at the meeting; same observation.

As for turning an improbability into a plausibility, time will tell very shortly if that’s possible or not.



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