And what if Cassandra …

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Astounding number of places to hide, between the devil and the deep blue. One of the simplest is looking the other way. Or putting your attention on a fascinating detail. If you concentrate hard enough you can perform a mind trick similar to that in Gestalt. The most familiar Gestalt image is that of two profiles switching over to the shape of a vase between the two. But if circumstances are challenging enough, with concentration, you can trick your mind into believing you is over there in the vase and not here in one of the profiles.

Sounds loony? Only if circumstances here aren’t loonier yet. Or if your brain, for reasons x, y or z, doesn’t have a tendency to function in split screen mode or to switch from one screen to another. Depending on circumstances and environment again, people with those kinds of brains spend a lot of time in psychiatric settings or get hailed as mystics or just plain shut up and do their damnedest to report on the world as others seem to see it. If they happen to be in the latest shipment of soaked and dazed refugees crammed against razor wire borders, nobody much gives a damn what any of them see or how they see it.

Small pockets of sense in wide gyrations of craziness. For some reason, the craziness is the accepted norm. Everybody agrees “this is crazy!” they say. “This is insane! How can civilized people – us! – how can we accept this, condone this, ignore or buy into this madness! But …What will happen to us if we don’t? Aye, there’s the rub.”

Au pays des aveugles les borgnes sont rois. In the land of the blind, the half-blind are king.

Or the ones who yell loud enough that they see! they see!

Where, what, tell us, the blind clamor.

(Here, several variations on the script): I see a radiant future where all men are brothers and the lion nurses the lamb, says one.

I see a way to colonize the planets and settle the Mormons on one, the Adventists on another, the Mohameddans on a third – no crowding at the boarding gates please!

I see a way to beat the odds at the Casino, says another. For fourteen ninety-five, buy my sure fire method and CASH IN!

I recommend you stay home, do your homework and save your allowance for something you really want or need, says the one who only speaks up when the other seers pause for a break.


So.  What if Cassandra had learned a thing or two over the ages? What if Cassandra no longer spoke up in assemblies or, if she did, only said simple things, or whistled a bit of a tune? Seeing as no one listened to her anyway, what if she no longer bothered giving dire warnings about the catastrophes ahead?

What if Cassandra, like Sisyphus, settled into saying e pur si muove the way Galileo did, when the Powers that Were forced him to recant his views. The Powers that Were said the sun revolved around the earth? So let the Powers say what they would, the earth went on spinning round the sun anyway.

It being understood that, if Galileo did speak those words, he didn’t stand on a rooftop with a megaphone directed at the home of the Chief Inquisitor.


On with story, and minute attempts at stitching together…something.


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