And so, another day

In Absurdlandia, Hautvoir, I Ching, Local projects, proto drafts on March 1, 2016 at 9:01 am

The way things are going, I doubt life or stories will ever make sense. I take the breaks when they show up. A distant reminiscence of something said by a Theory of Chaos person about balance and harmony being temporary states that come along, from time to time, when all the electromagnetic vibes fall into sync for a bit. You get music or a light show, a particularly well written piece of prose or poetry, a blessed moment within, or between two people or more.

With people, the greatest and saddest irony is that so much chaos flows out of attempts to avoid chaos and foster harmony and – no, you must be blind or something, can’t you see I’m trying to help????? Emotions flare, some yell louder, others retreat. It gets trying at best, and scales down to horrific and beyond.

On that particular scale, yesterday doesn’t rate one of the heavy-duty qualifiers such as awesome, which some people now use to describe a new pair of shoes, for instance. Frustrating and aggravating, yes. Two of the saner moments: a brief halt at my neighbors while they moved furniture around; a longer halt for a late supper prepared by three local residents who may or may not be around for much longer.

Meanwhile, flat-screen moments. Flares of aggravation. Attempts at resolutions. Well-intentioned comments leading to bickering and further confusion. Waaaaaa.

We pause to reset.

It all got so ridiculous at one point, I pulled out the coins and the I Ching book and asked three pieces of copper alloy to point a direction toward a more satisfactory state of chaos. The coins in all their ancestral wisdom said: 17. In the French translation of the I Ching I consult, this means Following as in flowing with the stream and letting go of intention. Plus turning toward darkness for rest, pleasure and appeasement.

Yes, darkness proved beneficial and the dreams tended more toward pleasure than toward strife. As for intention, I’ve yet to cure myself of the habit of intending to get from one decent point to another decent point. I’ll live with this until another coin drops and I realize – but of course!

Perhaps one of my characters will experience the of course! moment first. Perhaps not.

At least, this day starts under a clear blue sky.


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