Systems – what a fine and neutral-sounding word

In Absurdlandia, Animals, Current reading, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, proto drafts on February 11, 2016 at 9:18 am

If nothing else this morning, I may achieve a minimum of control over the mess of files on my desk. Apparently, everything is about files: what’s in them and what isn’t being the visible part of the iceberg. File backlog: ah, now we’re talking reality. In some cases the “treatment” of a file has a six-month backlog. In others,  a month-long delay is average.

Two questions, then: 1) if backlogs and bureaucratic delays are systemic, shouldn’t the cut-off of benefits be adjusted to the delays? If information isn’t “processed” yet, why do benefits get cut off automatically?  2) since backlogs are a way of life, how is it some folks get priority treatment anyway while others either languish in administrative limbo or get the speedy shove out the door?

I realize violent deaths and romance make for better writing topics – at least in terms of back-cover blurbs. My characters are mired in administrative hassles, same as their real-life counterparts. I further realize fictional characters must find better (or much, much worse) solutions to their problems,and must do so in an entertaining way.

Mon dieu. Soar, little birdie. Glow, little glow worm. Allez, hop, hop, hop. Rise and shine. (Yes, the early birdie gets the early glow worm, so please understand if the glow worm shows less early morning enthusiasm than the birdie.)

And as your existential conundrum for the day, gentle reader: is total eradication of mosquitos as an earthly life form a good idea (question deriving from an early-morning glance at The Guardian).

It’s an optional question. No gentle reader need answer. At this end, I’ll clear up my desk and wash some dishes while the characters decide what they wish to share with me next.


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