“On fait comme ça”

In En français dans le texte, Hautvoir, Local projects, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner on February 2, 2016 at 9:52 am

“On fait comme ça,” he says. Closest English translation: Let’s do it.  A common French expression he’s adopted. When he says it, he stands up and prepares to move on. I’m never sure if he’s really understood when he says it, or if he’s given up on my explanations. He’s thorough and insistent in his questioning though, so I suspect he means: OK, I have the information I need, I’ll take it from here.

Let’s do it, but also: sounds like a plan. After a long session of map-reading on the computer last night, he figured out he must make a left turn when he leaves school. That’s the main thing. He’ll figure out the murky bits, or ask friendlier types along the way. He’s disappointed we couldn’t find a training session in electricity or carpentry. But we’ll keep looking, I promised. The way things are going, we’ll soon have a surfeit of bakery apprentices anyway.

Despite all of this boy’s best efforts – and ours – Open Sesame may hit an unresponsive wall. The same wall another asylum seeker is about to hit. I don’t relish the prospect of telling the family plans A to Y have all been explored, leaving nothing but the Z option (back to their point of departure) or a life on the run. The disconnects between governing bodies and human priorities keep on multiplying –  one questionable decision leads to a further disconnect, leads to another, until the dominos topple one after the other. From the governing ones, you then get resounding silence or Speeches All In Caps. You know: This Country Will Never (surrender/lose this battle/back down/abandon its values of…etc).

Yet, life goes on. Things get done. Some of those things even yield   decent outcomes. I’m surprised at the amount of elation even a half-decent outcome can elicit. All things be relative and sometimes, somewhere the basics find root and you call it a good-enough day, all things considered.



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