Snakes and Ladders

In Animals, Current reading, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage, proto drafts, The Art of Peace on January 29, 2016 at 9:31 am

at times, life crowds in. Transferred to a bar graph, yesterday would look like the peaks and valleys in a wild session at the Stock Exchange (minus the financial gains and losses, of course). There’s need to let some of the silt settle but this day isn’t moving toward the Sea of Tranquility either.

I was reading Canto XXIII in The Iliad last night. The distance between The Enchanted World of War, Dismemberment and Hero-Worship then and now? Mighty slim. Let’s say contemporary warriors don’t wear silver-studded leg guards, and the gods don’t hammer out scenes in gold on their battle shields. On the matter of prized bits of looting though, things haven’t changed all that much.

From a woman’s point of view, Achilles doesn’t add up to much a hero. Neither does he rise in stature when he offers up a woman and a mule as part of the first prize in a competition (in another event, the woman gets batched into the fourth prize – I guess she wasn’t so hot). This is after Achilles drags around Hector’s body for the crime of slaying his buddy Patroclus (whose remains the Trojans wanted to throw to the dogs, etc.)

Re-reading The Iliad some forty years after the first encounter. Then, reading the current batch of We Are At War speechifying/justifying? Leaves a body searching for something other than hero worship both as a personal goal and the defining motivation for fictional characters.

A brief moment in dreamtime where the dreamer discovered the door leading into a pleasant space was both wider and of better construction than first imagined. The dreamer experienced relief. The rest of the dream involved a lot of slogging. At this point, slogging is such a familiar place, I’d rather explore other spaces – or find some humor there, both in real life and in story land. The day is bound to offer up possibilities for a few moments of zen.


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