A post to keep afloat

In A post to keep afloat, Local projects, notes, proto drafts on January 21, 2016 at 8:55 am

I don’t know if any times were ever conducive to peace and tranquility. I know these times aren’t. No matter what your personal goals may be, the story may turn out to be all about the obstacles to their achievement. Why? Good question. In the cacophony of possible answers, choose a few, explore them, see how, once plunked into the stream, the straight rod appears to bend. Or how your well-intentioned words get distorted and thrown back at you in anger.

A tricky world, Jill. (Jill? Hello, whomever you may be.)

I’m skipping this morning’s breakfast get-together for socially-involved professionals. For one, I loathe perkiness on command at breakfast time, even when I’m in the best of health. For another, whatever issues might get resolved are best treated in one on one conversations, at least, in my experience.

I’m reading again. Writing in tiny bits. For the time being, the best part of living seems to involve a propped-up position on the living room couch with bouts of reading, bouts of snoozing and long bouts of moodling. In real life, this “best part of living” suffers many, many interruptions. Life ain’t lived out in the Platonic spheres.

Allez. I think this qualifies as A post to keep afloat and not much else.


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