In Hautvoir, Local projects, New story, notes, proto drafts on January 19, 2016 at 9:21 am

So many strands of thoughts, images… This one, for instance – a chance view on something streaming across a social media platform : a small boy (about three years old). Adults hand him a stick and invite him to strike a piñata shaped like a roly-poly being about his size. The boy obliges with one or two swats. Then, he drops the stick, approaches the figure and hugs it in obvious sorrow. Behind him, the adults laugh.

Moving ever so slowly into this new attempt at story. I suppose the pace will pick up with other characters. Something tentative about this one. Clearly, he hasn’t been doing much “sharing” for a long time.

Allez. In my case, the socializing begins in forty minutes. Shower, breakfast, and move along.


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