Ornery characters in need of coddling

In Animals, Hautvoir, humeurs, Local projects, Music, notes, proto drafts on January 18, 2016 at 1:08 pm

unless your twelve-hour work week is at the high end of the pay scale, there’s not all that much glamorous living/fancy shopping going on the rest of the time. The luxury of reading time, though? Along with mulling, moodling, private sessions of arguing pros and cons (something like inner-mind pingpong), listening to characters mumbling their lines or shouting them out at you? What can I say – all the variety of a State Lunatic Asylum with nary a trace when you open your front door with a smile.

(Although I’m somewhat of a grouch when the dog breaks out in furious barking late at night, races outside and scares a man in the process of pissing next to my front step. She’s a well-behaved dog and came back inside, as told. I expressed my views to the pisser who was in no position to get argumentative. Then, slammed the door shut, and double-locked it behind me.ffffff.)

Someone must have shown up at my door this morning because the dog barked like a fiend. I felt no inclination to step out of the shower for an inquiry from a Jehovah’s Witness. Besides. If a twelve-hour work week allows me to shower in mid-morning on a Monday, I say: Hail, sort-of half-assed retirement, your benefits be few but each one is a blessing.

So. Like the proverbial cicada who sang all summer instead of stocking up for winter, we sang all weekend with little thought to the future. On Saturday, we sang for our supper (and for the fun of singing). On Sunday, we sang for a piece of cake and a glass of something bubbly afterward (plus the fun of singing, as usual). Tomorrow, I’ll see the doctor about the cough that lingers.

Would-be characters, still mumbling and shuffling about. They seem a grumpy lot. “Yet, according to aunt Rachel,” one says. The other interrupts: “Rachel never met a problem she couldn’t make worse…”

Having never met Rachel myself, I have no idea what those two are talking about. I’ll stay posted, in case they allow me to eavesdrop a bit more. They’re in a garden of sorts, that much I know.


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