In Local projects, Music, notes on January 12, 2016 at 9:29 am

The wordpress account, behaving strangely again. As for life in general, the raspy throat took a solid hit of hail early yesterday afternoon. The rest of the day was spent in soggy socks. Therefore: throat lozenges plus supply of dry socks in my bag because the rain, it’s raining out there and looks keen to do its seasonal thing.

The group of children I see every week is heavily skewed toward the slow learner category. Some have various aids thrown in. Others see me because the parents don’t want the aids, or the services are overbooked. Sitting in soggy socks and damp clothes while a ten year-old child deciphers – yet again – a word such as p-a-i-r requires a fair amount of patience. I look at the needles on the clock, worming their way around. I offer detached advice such as: “you saw the a-i sound in another word earlier.” When it all starts feeling like a variation on the drip-drip-drip of water torture, I ask myself if there’s something else I might do to earn my keep. Eventually, the boy deciphers the word pair. Encounters it again, three lines lower down. I take in other details in the room. (By the fourth pair, he’d gotten the hang of it yesterday. I won’t see him again until the twenty-fifth. Will he still remember the word? I have no idea.)


Recording variations on twenty-four bars from a Beethoven Allegretto tonight. Hopefully, I’ll do the painful hacking between takes.


As for writing: this is the wandering stage. Eyes and ears on the look-out but no clear notion yet of what to make of the bits collecting in the new folder. Something like iron filings close to a magnet, or too distant for the pull to act on them.


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