Plus the fingers can still type, and the legs, still carry.

In Absurdlandia, Animals, Local projects, Music, news coverage, notes, Sundays on January 10, 2016 at 2:26 pm

Reading the media reports and the comments on social networks concerning the sexual aggressions and rapes on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, you get the impression no one had given any thought to rape until it occurred on a highly symbolic occasion and featured men described as swarthy, foreign types. The reports are confused, confusing and perfect fodder for mass hysteria (and the private kind, too).

Yet, on a lower, local scale what stuck in my mind this morning was  a brutal and degrading comment posted yesterday by a man I know personally. The words he used in describing women – and the attitude he displays in dealing with them? What can I say – man’s higher nature doesn’t feature in his verbal nor in his non-verbal communication. The point of view he expresses, others carry to their logical conclusions.

Topics that induce anything from unease/discomfort to all-out fear and panic. Fun? Only if you get your kicks from discomfort, pain and so on, which I don’t. They exist anyway, don’t they?

So. At the moment: Notes that aren’t much fun to dredge up nor to write down. The process has to start somewhere.

Next to me, the dog twitches in her sleep. The boy who said he’d show at eleven, didn’t. Down the hill, the winter market is about one-third the size of the summer one. Life – in general, and in particular – doesn’t look like it’s about to get any simpler. Pity, that. (Singing helps.)


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