Hey, what’s one more hurdle?

In Absurdlandia on January 9, 2016 at 9:35 am

let’s get at least one thing straight, this morning: no matter what I manage to achieve on any given day, and no matter under what circumstances I achieve those goals – yesterday is yesterday, and lots remained undone or unachievable. Try again, try again, try, try again.

Yippee. Great start to another one. Slogging up a sand dune. A tall one. Tiring. And they complain you don’t look so great while you’re doing it either. It’s about money – their money (even if it came out of your taxes.) It’s about their getting more money because that’s how the game’s set up.

So. All roads lead to WRONG-TRY AGAIN. Or No Service On Weekends (posted on a Wednesday). In all cases, the basic premise is always the same: You’re wrong. They’re right. And if you think I wouldn’t love to see the knight in shining armor show up and do some of the battling on my behalf, have I got news for you.

Another Saturday with too much to do in it, and someone else bound to do a better job – whatever the criteria.


What about the stories where nobody wins? I know. Nobody likes those, not even the people who write them.

Allez. Start from wherever, and slog on. There’s bound to be some good stuff soon. Real soon. Real, real soon. Count your blessings. Think of the starving children in wherever. And so on.


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