hectic (the word)

In Absurdlandia, Food, Hautvoir, Local projects, New story, news coverage, photography on January 6, 2016 at 9:47 am

hectic (the word) – according to the Online Etymology Dictionary the sense of  “feverishly exciting, full of disorganized activity”, dates from 1904. As a condition, it’s definitely an ongoing trend.

Every once in a while, crossing the bridge or organizing materials for another foray out into the thickets of the Real World, I wait. For someone? For something? For the hectic sensation to subside.

More questions than answers. Like in the school exercises where a child must match up a term in the left column with another in the right. Except there’s only one correct combination for each, in a child’s school exercise. Not so out in the world of Real Life.

At someone’s birthday tonight, a young man will serve a national dish the person ate when visiting his country. Every time the combo comes down to the meeting between this person and that other, things get real again. What’s possible, what isn’t. What may be possible, if attempted. What must go unexplored, and so on.




and if you must choose. If the choice must exclude one so another can have his or her chance. Of necessity, the next trek out into story will deal a lot with choice.



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