at the tale end

In Uncategorized on January 4, 2016 at 9:43 am

the mind goes where it goes. In this instance, the combo is an unstable compound that required, for some reason, that I listen to a group called Peter, Paul and Mary sing Puff the Magic Dragon. Neither the song nor the singing group would mean a thing to the fictional character standing on the cusp of anger, fear and… something in Part 4 of the something I’ve been writing these past several months. However, mine is not to analyze, mine is to get the words lined up at that place where they produce a tiny puff of… something.

Of one thing I’m (almost) certain: the absurd current French debate on loss of nationality features somewhere in the mix (although in the story’s timeline, the character doesn’t know this debate is about to spread its ludicrous wings and cause a lot of flap-flapping). However, he would be aware of the Great Regional Debate – yet another vast re-engineering of internal administrative and budgetary responsibilities. A passing glance at someone’s professed eternal attachment to Picardie as her identity port of call may serve as the launching point for Pavel’s moment of zen.

Maybe. Endings are tricky. So are the tails on the beasts to which they’re attached. The end result of this one should produce something like this :


Said Eletalha being yet another inhabitant of Professor Revillod’s Fabulous Almanach which may or may not be available in other languages than Portuguese



And to all, the best possible first Monday in the latest of the new years.




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