In Drafts, En français dans le texte, Food, RLB trivia on January 1, 2016 at 2:51 pm

First, the good news: 1)water with a bit of syrup? Goes down to the stomach and does not come spewing up like Old Faithful. 2) I’ve found an old pair of non-prescription glasses, and if no one finds the glasses I lost last night, this will mean I’m due for a new, more fashionista-looking pair. Something in red or in imitation tortoise shell if I want to keep up the intellectual pretense.3) I can think and write words such as e-a-t- or f-o-o-d and my stomach remains becalmed. (But it’s best to stick to generalities, I discovered, when a friend called to see how I’m doing, and mentioned… well, specific foods I’ll name some other day.)

No, I didn’t party all night nor did I eat and drink to excess. I suspect an egg bought from an unfamiliar merchant at the market. Ergo, caveat emptor.

The dog’s morning stroll was severely curtailed. The phone just pulled me out of deep sleep. I notice I can sit without a wobble.

Voilà – all of it rather sudden and dramatic last night. My apologies to those who haven’t received detailed wishes of all the best in the new year. (The funny part: over here, when you wish someone a happy new year, they inevitably answer: hope for health, most of all.)

I agree and wish the whole world exactly the same.

Time for another sip of water with blackcurrant syrup. I’d rather be writing but chances are I’ll tumble back into bed.

* ouf: French onomatopoeia signifying relief.


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