Rule of Law

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Of course, signing petitions and donating contributions are good. Money is crucial if you need to hire a lawyer for an appeal on a court decision.

From there, the process gets trickier and trickier. In the current public mood, both local and national, grumpiness and corner-cutting crowd out finer notions such as concern for other people’s welfare. People other than your next-of-kin or immediate friends, for instance. And if your own legal status leaves you open to a backlash, matters get trickier still.


My friend was doing a voice check on the mike. “Say something, anything,” he asked before I started reading words he wanted to include in his musical composition. The general theme of the readings involved walking. Maybe that’s why I said: “I was walking down the road, minding my own business…”

Same as I was yesterday, after depositing the “Old Age Security” check at the bank. Small town. A lot of exchanges happen live, without benefit of phone, email, twitter, Facebook and/or other electronic platforms.

What to do and how, concerning that exchange of information. Delays are ultra-short – between now and December 30th. ’tis the Season to be jolly with good friends and neighbors. Even if we scrounge up emergency funds, finding a immigration lawyer who can file an appeal this week or next, at the latest? Iffy.

I was sitting on a park bench, taking in the view…


… “and along came a spider who sat down beside her.” A friendly spider, I hasten to add. Who offered to serve as translator.

Now, what to do with what I learned.


Revision? Oh yes. Also.


Under The Hidden Benefits of Housecleaning: finding a mangled copy of Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe in a Bibliothèque Verte French translation. (I set it down last  night after Wamba had found an escape route out of the burning castle. And may the Force etc.)


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