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In Absurdlandia, Drafts, En français dans le texte, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, news coverage, photography, Revision on December 19, 2015 at 9:51 am

The whole system is absurd beyond belief. I’m talking about work contracts and how to screw people. No, this isn’t about the fact I’m too old to teach English in public schools – I’ve made my peace with that absurdity, and already at work on alternate ways to rise above the poverty line. This is about the explanation I received last night on why I noticed such a heavy turnover in postal workers delivering bills and books to my door. All of them young, pleasant, personable. All of them here today and gone tomorrow. For the why? For the marvelous concept of On the Job Training.

You see, the postal service (and many, many other enterprising enterprises) offer young people under the age of twenty-six the possibility to get real-life experience delivering letters or… take your pick. Salary? Somewhere between forty-five and sixty-five percent of minimum wage (uh…minimum… isn’t that rock-bottom as in minim… never mind).

Following this marvelous real-life work experience, the postal service hires the more meritorious nose-to-the-grindstone types, yes? Fool, of course not. With all those other meritorious types waiting for a chance at a real job after real-life training, the postal service should weigh down its payroll with… with minimum wage workers???

Mon dieu. Injustice shared is injustice lightened. Thanks to the friends who enlightened me on this topic, and paid for my meal last night.


On the Excellent News Front: squabbles, in-fighting and mutual back-stabbing have decimated the local branch of the Front National elected members of Municipal Council. Of course, this isn’t excellent news for those who voted for them in the first place. But as a real-life demonstration of the Party’s deep and abiding love of the common people, there’s much to recommend a closer look at some of the off-the-record stuff behind the public melt-down.


My two weeks of unpaid holidays began yesterday – but time is the most precious gift of all, yes?  So I celebrated by decorating the sculpture a friend offered me. The sculpture shines in the night something like a red-eyed Cyclop. Draped over it: a green and white garland of lights offered by another friend.

The O Tannenbaum effect?  Here :



The musical work in progress? Still progressing.  A multi-layered thing. Some like. Some don’t. I like. Look forward to the next phase of progress.


* “L’économie française accélère en 2016, grâce aux mesures de Hollande” – L’Obs, 19 décembre 2015  – I guess the headline is for those who believe in the predictive force of positive thinking.  You know, La Méthode Coué – Every day, in every way, I’m doing better and better. Myself, I hope the economy doesn’t accelerate too fast. In my fragile, aged condition… slowly, slowly, please.


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