Now playing in my kitchen

In Absurdlandia, Film, Food, news coverage on December 16, 2015 at 9:07 pm

I should get around to eating my evening meal at some point. While the tortilla cooks (the Spanish kind i.e. potato and onion omelet), I ponder on the future of sanity. Given Donald Trump as wannabe leader of one democracy and Marine Le Pen wannabe leader of another (I pass on established leaders for the time being), I do a fair amount of head scratching.

Then, just for fun after a full day, I check the evening news and discover I am on another planet completely.  Star Wars, folks. Drop everything, your civic duty awaits. Production cost somewhere around two hundred and fifty million. Promotion: about the same.  With anything less than a billion and a half in profit world-wide, the movie’s a flop, you understand. So your civic duty calls. You know what you’ve gotta do, and may the Force be with you. (One major “news” platform over here is even asking The fundamental question : is the Force left-wing or right-wing? Think on these things).

Food’s ready.



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