In Absurdlandia, Artists, Circus, Current reading, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision on December 11, 2015 at 9:13 am

“National policy”, the local ones answered. A more neutral way of saying  hey, don’t blame me. National policy says who’s entitled to an apartment and who isn’t. National policy says this family isn’t. National policy leaves the obvious unstated.

We discussed the issue yesterday. Decided we’d wait after the regional election for another in the series of last-ditch attempts (new ditches appear every time we scramble out of the previous one). Nobody’s interested in anything other than the political maneuvering in tight corners. I’m interested in a number of other things but can’t keep my eyes away from the scene either. There’s something both astounding and awesome (in the original sense of the word) at the combination of itchy finger reflexes at the emotional level and deep passivity concerning the way industrial and political leaders occupy the collective mind space.


I’m into the final chapters of Henry Bauchau’s Oedipe sur la route. Antigone is on the verge of following her own path, away from her father/brother Oedipus.

The world of uncertainty. No other compass than your own senses. No certainty about the stability of the magnetic pole, or where straight ahead will lead. A German clown duo exploited this a few years ago – all the ways in which straight ahead deepened the landscape of the absurd.

I’ll remember that during the next reading through of what I just wrote – and whatever I’ll write thereafter.

Why I’ve linked this blogpost to Facebook? I don’t know. Another way of exploring uncertainty, I guess.


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