A Brief Scene from Absurdlandia

In Absurdlandia, Artists, Circus, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, news coverage, Revision, Sanford Meisner, Theater on December 8, 2015 at 11:53 am

Scene: Early morning. A hillside in Absurdlandia.


Enter stage right:

Me 1 – sometimes, I wonder why I bother writing fiction

Me 2 – to protect the guilty, I suppose,

Me 3 – and the innocent too.

Me 4 – plus, if I write it as it plays, there’s nowhere to hide.

Me 5 – Ah. Good point.

Me 6 – More fiction?

Me 7 – yeah, I guess… But that phone call, last night? I mean, how could the man…

Me 8 – no, you can’t discuss it here; this is a public blog.

Me 9 – Right, right. But… right, a public blog. But the part about I look so young how could they even think of checking my cv??? And all the bad things that would happen if I sued, and all the good things that will happen if I don’t?

All: (Sigh).

Distant sound of fife and tambourine.

Exit all, stage left.



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