Of foxes, chickens and conflicting agendas

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The dumb-dumber-dumbest contest is on. For right now, my personal winner is the one blaming journalists for the massive advance of the ultra-right wing. Not that I’m falling down in admiration in front of what passes for information (never mind analysis) in the media.  But the reaction reminds me of the kid kicking the dog after getting slapped by his mother because his father yelled at her following the nastiness he experienced from his boss at work.

For the past few days, my biggest slump of confidence at the local level has been over the predictable outcome of this election for the neediest people in the country. I’m thinking in particular about a family local elected members were supposed to help in the struggle for a living space and the father’s right to work. They backed off from the issue before the first round of the election. I don’t expect them to surge forward between now and next Sunday.

A small matter only for those who like to think in pie charts.

Apart from journalists, the present incumbents in power are getting the worst of the tongue lashings, of course. Well-deserved, yes, but worse than useless. Like extra squirts of fire accelerant on those coals that haven’t lit up yet in the barbecue. “Hollande made me do it” sort of thing.

Apparently, the “youth vote” was largely in favor of the Front National. Challenges ahead? And then some.

Allez. Walking away from the news for the time being. Back to individual concerns, mine among them. Will my phone contact on Labor Law issues have half a mind available for my questions this morning?  We’ll see.* Plus story. Plus late-afternoon coaching for two young girls.

The annual light-related winter celebrations kicked off last night with the first candle of Hanukkah. Whatever tradition applies, I’m stocking up on candles at the local mini-mart.


Sanford Meisner category – as in living truthfully in imaginary circumstances.


* That was quick : this isn’t a Labor Law issue, the woman says. This is a Public Law issue. No, I’m sorry, I don’t know who could advise you. I suppose the best is for you to write and request payment.

Merci, Madame. Bonne journée, Madame. Au-revoir, Madame.

onward, and so on.


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