This was my virtual day off

In Animals, Break - coffee, Drafts, Local projects on December 2, 2015 at 9:21 am

Time off – that’s all. Nothing fancy. Get up when I so decide – not when the dog insists 4 am or 5:15 is the one and only time for outside. Have the first coffee nice and slow while deciding if I want to know something about the outside world or not. Getting the house chores done, the plastic containers out to the plastic bin, the paper to the paper, the glass to the glass. Reading, maybe. Writing, maybe. Leaving this town for – hey! – a day in Toulouse or in Albi. Buying a new sweater. Taking in a movie. Eating in a new restaurant.

Voilà. Just had my five-minute virtual spin through a day off. I should be preparing all the materials for the final workshop with the eleven year-olds (moved over to Friday – my official day off because of the full day of English classes in their school tomorrow). My table is littered with should do this and should do that. Right now, I should get the files ready for the day of coaching. I should pack up the old laptop for the session with the kid who can’t write (and doesn’t want to anyway). For the time being, I’ll bask a few extra minutes in the knowledge that, today, I will not lead a group of children in the singing of We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I’m a simple soul. Don’t need all that much to keep me going.

More cold fog today. More sniffles and kaf-kaf. Yesterday, I caught some good shots of the spunky pre-adolescent duckling eking out a living on the bit of river just above the weir. He(she?) shares the territory with a water rat. They both go about their business. The duckling swims in short bobbing motions, with a tendency to veer off toward the left. The water rat glides, looking purposeful, until something sends him into a loop. Sometimes, he seems to forget he was heading for the other shore. Doesn’t seem to bother him much.

Meanwhile the duckling bobs along. How he(she?) will make it through the winter, I don’t know.

Allez. The rest of the local Wind in the Willows will have to wait. (I add the Drafts category as a… as a… the distant call of the loon, maybe.)


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