Fatigue plus whatever emerges from it later

In Break - coffee, Food, Local projects, Music, news coverage, Scene Prep on December 1, 2015 at 8:15 am

a blur of fatigue as thick as the fog outside, a something settling down on the lungs ( book doctor’s appointment) and not much time left this morning before I sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas with another bunch of children. So, page-holder. Try again later.

Resting in front of the screen with the morning coffee. Even Duracell bunnies can’t keep up with the White Rabbit (late, late… important date, and so on).

But it’s nice to know France is living up to its reputation as a great dining spot.  (I just grabbed a shot of Our Beloved World Leaders posing before breaking bread at L’Ambroisie. The name has to be a coincidence, ja? Nobody was witty enough to choose the name in reference to the Greek gods’ favorite snack food. Can’t be.)

I pass on the opportunity to share a pic of the dining area for the teachers of one school I’ll see on a regular basis on Mondays.

End of coffee. Onward etc. (I’ll be kind to myself and call this Scene Prep.)


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