Meanwhile, at the bottom of the pile …

In Circus, Drafts, Food, Fun, Hautvoir, Local projects, news coverage, Revision, Sanford Meisner on November 26, 2015 at 9:35 am

I could do the same exercise with headlines over here, except they’re in French and this is in English. So, two brief ones from the sidebar at The New York Times where “How to Carve Your Turkey” is followed by “Video of Teen Shot by Police Released“. In terms of overall coverage, you’ll learn more about the proper festive look than about anything else. I have nothing against festivities but, on some days, you need a particularly robust sense of humor to appreciate the proper setting of a Manhattan dinner table à la TNYT.

Same holds true for the proper way to serve the Christmas fare, as decreed in Paris. Meanwhile, at the local level, a minuscule battle goes on over the attribution of an apartment to one (1) family of four. Hundreds of thousands of others moulder, rage and despair at the borders, and the War themes play a lot louder than Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men.

Save for the weaponry, there’s nothing new since the Trojan War? I guess the biggest difference in war-making concerns the personal safety of the leaders. They used to go into the fray. Not any more.

As for the seventy-odd persons displaced from their apartments during the raid on the Paris killers, they still moulder inside a gym. Nobody seems in any rush to settle them anywhere else. It’s Showtime. Leaders with bowed heads, holding a single flower picked out by an aid. Leaders in impeccable suits striding forth to meetings with other leaders in impeccable suits. Who bombs whom, when and where.  Who gets top of the news. Who gets a ten-point spurt in his popularity rating (weekly rating? Daily? at the mid-day level?) Who’s this week’s ally who was last week’s foe? The important stuff. Ego, like gas, expands.

Of course, all those bombs are for our collective safety.


I’m slightly hexed at the moment, story-wise. Why? Because the lady character said something out loud to the writer that the writer can’t simply drop into the story. The writer has to find a way to slide the lady character’s words (or intent) into a meaningful scene. It may be a one-liner. It may be even less. It’s crucial, that much is clear.

So, Part 4 where there’s still lots to do, somewhere between classes, meetings, phone calls, and sputtering indignation over our leaders’… I hold back the word and save it for fiction.



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