Bits on a Monday morning

In Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, Names and Titles, news coverage, Revision on November 23, 2015 at 8:05 am

I hesitate to start the day with a walk-through the news. Not so much because of the “news” in itself – most of it horrid enough without the added cinematic overlays. Screaming banner-high headlines, slick action-movie treatment of armed warriors (Ours and Theirs). The thump-thump style, the war beat – man oh man, where do I sign up etc.

Clear, rock-cold morning. Men, women, children, babies sleeping outside or in makeshift shelters. Old news says the desk editor. Give me the step-by-step on the assault. Hate tags on mosques? On synagogues? In Christian cemeteries? Let’s have them. Etc. If it’s bad, it’s good.

Which makes sense in fiction – at least, some of the time. As a staged and framed depiction of real life as it’s happening? Could we open up the frame please? Take in a larger swath of real?

Monday. Mundane. The shuttle goes back and forth. Story-wise, I lost my concentration somewhere while revising Part 3. Lost track of something or someone.

In the mundane category: Some seventeen or eighteen large index cards (14.8 x 21 cm) with awkward script and awkward attempts at stories, waiting for typing and printing. I can’t show up on Thursday with some clean copies and others, not.

Cold clear morning. Six fifty am, even if the blog clock says it’s an hour later somewhere else.


Listening to four minutes of new musical composition last night, the composer hands me the book he’s reading. You know this writer, he asks. The name means nothing to me: Boston Teran. A brief wiki search leads to  someone’s pseudo with a list of titles and awards. Who’s Boston Teran? No idea.


Also, for a fictional social worker: the comment of a real one at last week’s meeting concerning the way they must couch their written observations in lingo befitting underlings. Higher-ups make the judgments – even though the social workers take the heat for “under-reporting” or “missing the clues”… they were asked to tone down in the first place. “Yours is not to sit in judgment on the child’s parents. Yours is to suggest ways and means to improve parental dynamics for the well-being of the child.” Ah. My fictional one must remember that.


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