Rolling back the night, its imps and its gremlins

In coffee, Local projects, news coverage, Revision on November 19, 2015 at 8:31 am

The fantastical world of media. Two videos on news websites this morning. The first, on Mediapart, featuring an overly garrulous interviewer and a young man who has gone from Al-Quaeda fighter, to Guantanamo prisoner, to point person in the nitty-gritty talk some kids need to understand jihad isn’t Camelot. Then, on The New York Times website, a bizarre video about France’s Ultra-Right wing leader, Marine Le Pen having “toned down” her message – including a split-screen moment with Donald Trump’s verbal… verbal you know-what.

Dear TNYT: you call this reporting? The “tone” of the message is what matters? Both Trump and Le Pen were saying exactly the same thing – foreigners = enemies. She was being subtler in the presentation. Meet her followers out on the street, then come tell the world what her toning down means in real terms. (Never mind her followers: watch how the cursor heads toward her policy points in security matters and on issues of free speech. Places for free and easy laughs are hard to find right now.)

Except in private, sometimes.


However. Notwithstanding the above. As usual, management of the space inside my skull remains the toughest part of the equation. Sounds of a real someone tinkering with a car motor at two am. Dreams of infiltrated nasties. The awful realization you’ve locked the enemy inside with you. Etc. All these millennia after the valuable discovery of the soothing comfort of camp fires, deepest night + solitude still harbor tons of imaginary fiends.

How best to cope with the real and the imaginary kinds.


More children to see today – the younger, the better. Not that problems don’t exist in the four to eight year old contingent. I just have a harder time coping as the murkier levels increase in the pre-teen and teen contingents. Finding the right counter-arguments, the right attitudes, and so on. I’d rather take a holiday in a nice clean quiet place – you know, a day or two in another baseline – something like a smarter version of Oz for grown-ups. Or something.

Allez. Coffee. Class prep. Some revision, if only a few lines.



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